Aerzen USA is in a growth and expansion mode. The company celebrated a 21,000-square foot addition to the Coatesville, Pennsylvania headquarters, with an open house event. The event was well attended by the Aerzen Germany management, Commonwealth of PA delegates, members of the national sales teams, employees, customers, vendors and building construction personnel.

The Aerzen USA staff and management outside the new addition to the Aerzen USA building

The new building expansion features include additions to the office and seating areas with new conference rooms and lunch room. Additional manufacturing and warehouse space is part of the addition to accommodate the company’s expanding product range.

The celebration event featured keynote speakers, Tony Morris, President of Aerzen USA; Neil Weaver, PA Department of Economic & Community Development, and Klaus-Hasso Heller, CEO of Aerzen Germany.

Aerzen USA President, Tony Morris addresses the crowd by featuring the aspects of quality and collaboration the new expansion provides to customers.
Commonwealth of PA delegate, Neil Weaver provides insights on how important German companies are to the state of Pennsylvania’s economy.
Klaus-Hasso Heller speaks to guests of how the facility expansion is impressive and inspiring.

Following the speeches, the guests were invited to lunch then to tour the new facility, complete with demonstrations and Lean initiative explanations for various areas of the production center.

Pictures of the expanded facility:

The updated and expanded main production hall for PD Blowers, Hybrids and Process Gas
The new Turbo Blower production cell
The new Repair Center
The former warehouse was reconfigured and turned into a Lean “Supermarket” for parts and inventory.

Office Expansion:

The entire Aerzen USA office was expanded and upgraded to include more desks, offices and meeting rooms.
The company Meeting Space was expanded and enhanced to allow for more employees during “All Company” meetings and technology demonstrations
At the center of the complex is the Courtyard that allows employees and guests to eat outside of the new Café.
The brand-new Café accommodates employees with seating and amenities for lunches and occasional meetings
Aerzen USA completed building

Aerzen USA Fast Facts:

Number of Employees: 112
Total Square Feet: 62,388
Office: 15,116 Manufacturing: 47,272

Environmental Features:

  • Permeable paving with underground rock beds to retain rainwater
  • Solar panels that generate a large portion of the company’s energy needs
  • Earth tubes that bring in outside air to cool the production space
  • Recycled furniture and materials throughout the building
  • Wild meadow with native trees & shrubs versus manicured lawns
  • Geothermal heat pump heating and cooling
  • Straw bale construction of the large conference room: R value of 48
  • Walkway areas covered with 40% recycled glass