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Edition 03/2018

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Salt mobilises

AERZEN is one of the leading manufacturers of positive displacement blowers and screw compressors. The global player teamed up with the company Emde Automation GmbH to deliver a conveyor system for salt to the road construction administration of Luxembourg that will not run out of air anytime soon.

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Details of the AERtronic Master

AERtronic Master: Overriding master control made by AERZEN

The AERtronic Master is a blower and compressor master control for up to 12 machines (each with AERtronic), which is particularly well-suited for use in pneumatics and other fields of application.

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Overview of the AERZEN offers heat recovery solutions for the respective

A hot subject: Heat recovery in process air generation

In process air applications, operators can really work up a sweat, because compressed air generation is by far the most expensive form of energy for physical reasons. Following the laws of thermodynamics, there is no compressed air without heat. In view of the long operating times of compressors, it...

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Picture of Arnhelm Köster - Head of Industrial Engineering at JTI in Trier

With negative pressure up to 20,000 cigarettes - per minute!

It was in 1908, when the first slim tobacco products left the cigarette factory of Heinrich and August Neuerburg. The two brothers recognised the signs of the times at the beginning of the 20th century: Modern cigarettes were the new tobacco trend and surpassed the previously popular cigars. Today,...

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Picture of the Central bridge the Aachen-Soers wastewater treatment plant

Blowers must be arranged close to the basin

Through a holistic optimisationprocess, the Aachen-Soers sewage treatment plant has succeeded in reducing the enormous energy requirement of the activation process by around 55 percent. Among other things, rotary lobe compressors with their high energy efficiency over a wide adjustment range...

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Picture Erick Lugaro, Marco Möschter, Stephan Brand, René Ceada, Ingo Bartz

Establishment of Aerzen Turbo Europe

On September 1, 2018 Aerzen Turbo Europe GmbH, located in Rinteln, was officially founded. In the 50th(!) AERZEN subsidiary the turbo businesses for the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East, Africa) have been merged.

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Photo of the customers of Aerzen Nederland together with Stephan Brand

40 years of Aerzen Nederland

40 years ago, the Dutch AERZEN subsidiary was founded. About 70 customers, as well as guests from the parent company, accepted the invitation to the anniversary celebration, which took place on 28 June 2018 at Aerzen Nederland B.V. in Duiven, near Arnhem.

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Compact news

Chuck Lim and Dr. Ulrich A. Sant at the AERZEN stand at the Singapore International
Water Week

Aerzen Asia at the SIWW in Singapore

Aerzen Asia participated in the Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) with its own stand from 9-11 July 2018. This trade fair takes place every two years and is the most important exhibition of its kind in South East Asia. The exhibition brought together visitors and exhibitors from the water management industry from all parts of Asia. Aerzen Asia used the SIWW as a platform to further develop regional developing markets such as China and India. The company presented the products Aerzen AT200 G5plus, Delta Hybrid D12S and AERsmart, as well as our after sales services, at an exhibition stand covering more than 50 square meters. Also, the German Ambassador in Singapore, Dr. Ulrich A. Sante, was welcomed at the stand and was informed about the solutions and the history of AERZEN by Chuck Lim, Vice President Aerzen Asia Pacific.
The three trade fair days of SIWW were very positive for AERZEN’s brand awareness and have confirmed the position of our company as a leader in the wastewater and environmental market.

Picture of the first Aerzen units for Bioingepro

Aerzen Argentina: Partnership with Bioingepro

Following intensive discussions, Aerzen Argentina has agreed to cooperate with Bioingepro S.R.L., one of the country’s largest manufacturers of wastewater treatment plants. The Buenos Aires-based company has already built over 450 wastewater treatment plants. Therefore, it makes Aerzen Argentina proud that Bioingepro relies on our portfolio and our technologies. Gastón Jares of Bioingepro says: “We are happy to cooperate with a company like AERZEN. We share the same values, including the constant pursuit of progress and the most modern and sustainable technologies to protect our most precious asset: water.” The first two units have already been supplied by Aerzen Argentina.

Picture of the AERZEN’s air-air aftercooler

AERZEN’s aftercoolers set standards

With minimum pressure losses and extremely high cooler inlet temperatures, all AERZEN aftercoolers are suitable for cooling air and nitrogen up to 280°C! Developed in cooperation with well-known international manufacturers, AERZEN offers a complete range of air-air and water-air aftercoolers. The independent series is specially tailored  to the machine types Delta Screw, Delta Hybrid and Delta Blower, including downstream cyclone separator and condensate drain. Furthermore, an extensive range of accessories is available. AERZEN has its own design programs. In just a few minutes, a suitable cooler can be selected and its process data calculated in a customer- specific manner – to achieve the most efficient solution for each temperature-critical subsequent process.