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Edition 02/15

Article and Compact News

Our AERZEN customer journal "AERZEN" will provide you with detailed information at regular intervals about our company, our products and application solutions.


With AERZEN on the safe side

From chemistry to process technology, the number of applications included in EU-wide directives for explosion protection is growing. On the basis of experience acquired over several decades, AERZEN offers an extensive and cost-effective product portfolio for maximum safety.

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You spoke the truth

Your opinion is important to us! Therefore, at the end of 2014, we asked customers to participate in a customer satisfaction analysis for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden.

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Sits, fits, saves

For optimal conveyance and compression in the process gas and refrigeration industry, individually adapted solutions are decisive. Therefore, AERZEN works very closely with the customer in the conceptual phase.

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Cool system for hot tyres

A leading company in the Central European petrochemical industry relied on AERZEN’s products and professional competence in the construction of a new butadiene treatment plant.

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Tested quality

Tested quality

Thanks to various certification measures, AERZEN creates legal certainty, improves environmental and work safety, and makes products which are even more energy efficient.

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Compact news

Expanded customer support

 In order to expand the support that we provide to our end users in the wastewater domain, AERZEN has hired three new sales and service employees for our sales offices “Nord“ (Walsrode), “West“ (Velbert) and “Mitte/Süd“ (Kahl and Elchingen). These three colleagues will be responsible for contacting our end users and supporting them in case they have any sales-related questions, or questions about our services. In order to be prepared for this, the new colleagues completed a training programme between mid-March and the end of April, where they learned about the comprehensive service product portfolio, as well as about internal processes, procedures and contact partners within AERZEN after-sales service

New management at Aerzen Turbo

Robert Janson, who started as Technical Manager at Aerzen Turbo in March 2015, was appointed as the new Managing Director of Aerzen Turbo in Korea on 1st June 2015. He succeeds Steve Won, who has begun his well-deserved retirement. Janson has many years of experience in managerial positions in mechanical engineering, as well as in international trading companies. In addition, Stephan Brand, Director Turbo Business in the head office, was appointed to the management of Aerzen Turbo, in order to strengthen international team-work.

The first children’s book about AERZEN

Hamelin’s art school under the responsibility of artist Natalia Ovodkova contacted AERZEN some months ago, asking whether the school may create a book about the company. AERZEN was happy to support this request. Children and young people between 5 and 14 years have been painting ambitiously for many weeks now. AERZEN photos and brochures have served as a useful guide for the young artists. An exciting story will arise around the photos. Visiting AERZEN on 19th March helped the talented youngsters to gather many live impressions. The book is expected to be published in autumn 2015.

Aerzen North Africa LLC founded

After a long and successful co-operation with Promotrade as our representative for the Egyptian market, AERZEN has had a new subsidiary in North Africa since February of this year: this is Aerzen North Africa LLC which is based in Cairo, and is a subsidiary of Aerzen International Sales GmbH, which holds 90 % of the shares in the company, with Promotrade holding the other 10 % of the shares.At present, the team consists of five employees and is responsible for Egypt, Libya, Sudan, Eritrea, Lebanon and Jordan.

New rotary lobe compressors for negative pressure applications

Rotary lobe compressors in the successful Delta Hybrid series are now available in the new “E type” construction for a pressure range of up to -700 mbar. As conventional positive displacement blowers are limited to a maximum differential pressure of -500 mbar, expensive vacuum pumps had to be used for lower pressure ranges. The new E-series remedies this situation, reduces costs and opens up new application possibilities in the field of vacuum conveying - for example in foodstuff technology, plastic granulate pneumatics and in the chemical industry. The advantages for the operator include reduced investment costs, higher energy efficiency and greater flexibility.