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Edition 02/2017

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The new generation Delta Blower G5plus sets the standard

AERZEN positive displacement blower

The new generation Delta Blower G5plus is the result of the proven concept of our positive displacement blowers.

Delta Blower G5plus
The new Delta Blower G5plus positive displacement blowers made by AERZEN achieve a 5% higher level of energy efficiency, with even more flexibility and
optimised design.

AERZEN has set the standard with the Delta Blower positive displacement blowers, and has now raised the bar even higher in terms of performance, efficiency and environmental awareness. To expand upon the success of the blower series, an exciting new design sets new energy saving records. The new generation Delta Blower G5plus achieves up to 5% higher energy efficiency and offers more flexibility to meet special requirements. The Delta Blowers of Generation 5 made by AERZEN are almost universally applicable positive displacement blowers. Their performance data is impressive: they achieve intake volume flows between 30 and 15,000 m³/h with a control range of 25% to 100% and overpressures of up to 1,000 mbar. Delta Blowers are suitable for use in many branches of industry, for example in waste water treatment plants, for ventilation, filter flushing, pneumatic and gas conveying, degasification or dedusting. The new Delta Blower G5plus is the result of the proven concept of our positive displacement blowers, taken to the next technological level. The new compact design means that installations take up less space in the machine room. According to AERZEN Environmental Concept, all blowers achieve oil-free class 0 as per ISO 8573-1, and they are 100% free of absorption material. Changing the oil is only necessary after 16,000 operating hours. Energy-efficient motors of class IE3 are applied as standard. The suction is on the cold side of the assembly.

A plus of efficiency, comfort and flexibility

What is absolutely new with the DeltaBlower G5plus is up to 5% more energy saving, achieved by means of an optimised intake filter silencer with lowest flow losses, highly-efficient electrically-driven fans and an optimised standard base support which makes reduced pressure losses possible. The warm exhaust air is routed over the roof of the acoustic hood, providing the possibility to connect an additional channel for optional heat recovery. But the “plus” also refers to the additional comfort. The new acoustic hood concept reduces the installation surface area by up to 10%, depending on the size. The acoustic hood door makes easier and faster access possible to facilitate the maintenance of the assembly. The multifunctional base support creates a plus of flexibility with an integrated spark arrester (ATEX), connectivity for the installation of a start unloading device and components for installation of third-party motors. AERZEN supplies the technically optimised and conceptionally enhanced Delta Blower G5plus positive displacement blower in two sizes at present, and more are being planned.  

Compact news


Discovering potential and creating transparency

Load operation in wastewater treatment plants is subject to wide variation. The amount of wastewater to be treated – and its level of pollution –will change depending on region, time of day, day of the week, season, or amount of rainfall – often without warning. With the new AERaudit service, AERZEN measures the air volume requirements of a wastewater treatment plant and shows the individual saving potential. Equipped with a mobile measuring case which includes sensor technology, energy counter and data logger, the AERZEN service team screens the blower station. On site, i.e. at the wastewater treatment plant, all necessary operating data (volume flow, system pressure, temperature, kW-rating) is measured and recorded live for a defined period. The recorded data is then assessed in detail at the offices of AERZEN’s parent company. No weak load or peak load remains undocumented. On this basis, the AERZEN team develops one or more possible solutions customised to the individual plant. The objective is clear: to provide utmost energy efficiency. Customers are provided with a transparent and comprehensive presentation of the load profiles and energy consumption of the blower station. In addition, AERZEN documents an individual solution involving the various machine technologies of the Performance³ portfolio (Blower, Hybrid, Turbo). AERZEN illustrates the potential for saving energy and CO2 in the plant, and the payback periods that can be achieved.


Safety standards for the pneumatic industry: new brochure

A unique selling point of AERZEN products is that our silencers are free of absorption material. Thus, this feature has been included in the leaflet portfolio. The new brochure Safety Standards (A3-121-00) provides information about oil-free operation of AERZEN assemblies, as well as about the increased energy efficiency and lifetime extension of process air systems thanks to AERZEN reactive silencers without absorbent material. Please have a look at this new brochure.

The AERZEN duo in Argentina

New Aerzen subsidiary in Argentina

On 1st May 2017, Aerzen Argentina S.R.L. commenced business operations, headed by Alejandro Knoop, based in the suburb of Vincente Lopez of the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. Cristina Pilz is working for Aerzen Argentina as the office’s administrative assistant. There were two reasons for the foundation of the 49th AERZEN subsidiary: on the one hand, a U.S. company had taken over the AERZEN representative in Argentina, which had been working for us there for 37 years, and this led to the fact that AERZEN products were no longer in focus; on the other hand, the arrival of the new Argentine Government has been accompanied by signs of an economic upswing. An important partner is Germany, as it became clear on the occasion of Angela Merkel’s visit to Buenos Aires on 8th June. Alejandro Knoop was also invited to the gala dinner with the Argentine President Mauricio Macri and the Federal Chancellor – a great honour for him and Aerzen Argentina. In the initial phase, Aerzen Argentina will focus on serving existing customers. The wide distribution of AERZEN machines in many main applications provides a good basis for the successful establishment of this new subsidiary. In 2018, sales and service activities will be extended.


Aerzen U.S.A. opens sales office in Houston

Aerzen USA based in Coatesville, Pennsylvania is on an expansion track: This is evidenced by the recent opening of our American subsidiary’s first regional sales office in Houston, Texas. We will now have the opportunity to support our numerous customers in the Gulf of Mexico region directly and more intensively, while also gaining new customers. There are many important refineries and petrochemical plants on the Gulf coast, where our blowers for pneumatic transportation and our process gas compressors are in operation. “Close cooperation with our customers is the key to our mutual success,” says Tony Morris, Managing Director, Aerzen U.S.A. On 20th April 2017, many customers and business partners celebrated the Open House day of the new office in Houston. Employees mainly in sales, application technology and support work in this building, which is also equipped with a conference and training room.