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Edition 01/2023

Article and Compact News

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Samba in the aeration tank

About 245.000 people have their life here in Bangu, a district in the west of Rio de Janeiro, and since May 2022, they have been connected to a central wastewater treatment plant. 43 million litres of wastewater are purified there - all thanks to Nereda® technology and rotary lobe compressors from...

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New product line organisation

AERZEN is growing strongly - and we have you, our customers, to thank for this. To ensure that you can continue to rely on our guiding principle “AERZEN - Expect Performance” in the future, we are aligning our entire group of companies completely, and even more consistently, with your needs.

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Energy-efficient blower technology pays for itself after just one year

The energy-saving potential of wastewater treatment plants is often underestimated. With individual ROI calculations (Return on Investment), AERZEN illustrates the considerable cost benefits of highly efficient blower technology in the biological treatment stage and shows what short payback periods...

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100% availability, 0% problems

Availability and reliability have top priority at A+S BioTec GmbH. For this reason, the Saarland-based family business has exclusively used blowers and compressors from AERZEN for the pneumatic conveying of its raw materials and products for more than 50 years. The packages provide absolutely oil-...

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Aerzen Rental Solutions is equipped for the future

A success story began when AERZEN entered the rental machine business by founding Aerzen International Rental B.V. in 2000. Aerzen Rental Solutions has since grown steadily and become active in more and more European countries. In order to be even better equipped to meet future challenges, the team...

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Hydrogen compression with screw compressors

If hydrogen is produced by atmospheric electrolysis, it must be compressed to a certain pressure for the subsequent processes. Screw compressors in the low-pressure range have economic advantages, particularly with increasing volume flows and at fluctuating operating conditions.

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Why AERZEN relies on air foil bearings instead of magnetic bearings for its turbos

For the sophisticated bearings inside turbo blowers, AERZEN uses neither oil nor other lubricants, but air. Steffen Helmert, Product Manager Turbo Blowers, explains the reasons for this and why AERZEN does not use magnetic bearings.

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Compact news

Cover story Samba in the aeration tank

Nereda® conquers the world

Nereda® is still a fairly young technology, but it has the potential to change the wastewater industry for good. Around the globe, more and more plants are being built based on the innovative Dutch concept. 

Royal HaskoningDHV is also taking a new approach in terms of support and monitors all Nereda® installations centrally by means of Global Digital Monitoring. This ensures reliable and long-term wastewater treatment plant operation. Experience has shown that this strategy is working. More than 90 Nereda® plants have been built in 20 countries, and all of them are still in operation. In Brazil, too, the number of Nereda® plants is continuously increasing. Another large-scale project, comparable to Bangu, is currently under construction in the municipality of Lontra in the state of Tocantins. Six highly efficient AERZEN Delta Hybrid D 152S packages will be installed there, with BRK Ambiental also being the plant manufacturer. And the cooperation between AERZEN and BRK Ambiental continues: numerous projects are in the plan- ning stage, under const under construction or about to be finalised.

More about Royal HaskoningDHV:
More about BRK Ambiental:
More about the Nereda® conzept:

Nereda® Preferred Supplier AERZEN

As the world‘s only official Nereda® supplier for aeration technology (Preferred Supplier since September 2019), AERZEN supports the global wastewater industry with process-safe and forward-looking solutions. “AERZEN is the blower manufacturer of choice for most of our customers and offers a wide range of high quality solutions, meeting the requirements of almost all Nereda® projects. In addition, with AERtronic and AERprogress , there are innovative strategies for optimising the efficiency and availability of the packages. This is important for every aerated system and is in line with one of the main focuses of Nereda® technology, energy efficiency,” Annie Blissit, Manager of the Nereda® Preferred Suppliers Programme, points out and adds: “Furthermore, AERZEN is an exceptionally cooperative partner. Not only do they actively think about new solutions and improvements to the overall offering with our team, but they are also very responsive and always ready to assist our customers with any aeration issues.”

Water and wastewater treatment applications:
AERZEN rotary lobe compressor Delta Hybrid:

First-hand knowledge

AERZEN at the KROHNE Academy Germany Tour

In cooperation with AERZEN, WILO, PHOENIX CON- TACT, VIDEC and E.QUA, the KROHNE Academy is organising an interdisciplinary seminar series on the topic of “Safety and efficiency enhancement in water supply and wastewater disposal” in spring 2023. 

It is aimed equally at planners, maintenance personnel and operators of plants in the water industry and gives you direct access to the know-how and many years of experience of leading suppliers in the field of water supply and wastewater disposal. In addition to the basics, special applications, possibilities for increasing efficiency and potential savings will be discussed. In addition, you will receive an overview of valid regulations and current trends. The organisers’ experts will answer your questions and advise you on specific process applications. The aim is to support you in your decisions regarding system design, maintenance and service concepts. In addition to the lecture series, you can expect an extensive exhibition that will give you direct insights into the technology. The topics of energy and energy efficiency, subsidy management and project management are becoming increasingly important.

The dates:
21 March: Hamburg, Volkspark Stadium
23 March: Bielefeld, LENKWERK
28 March: Bielefeld Hof, Freiheitshalle
30 March: Hof Hedersleben, Hedersleben Monastery

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Special products for the rental market !

Aerzen Rental Solutions holds the entire AERZEN machine portfolio for low pressure and compressed air applications in pressure ranges from -700 mbar (g) negative pressure to 10 bar (g) positive pressure - from turbo blowers to positive displacement blowers and rotary lobe compressors to single and two-stage compressors. In addition, there is a wide range of accessories, including power generators (transformers/diesel generators), power distributors, power cables, piping, coolers (air-to-air coolers, water-to-air coolers), dryers and condensate separators.

The products from Aerzen Rental Solutions are specially developed for rental use: they are always modular and therefore easy to connect, easy to transport and robust to simplify handling. The machines are equipped with complete control and regulation technology as standard. Special interfaces facilitate integration into the customers‘ process control.

Contact details
Aerzen Rental Solutions

Hotline 24/7: +31 88 9100 000

North America:
Hotline 24/7: +1 844 400 2379

New Managing Director Aerzen Rental DACH/Luxembourg

In mid-October 2022, Michael Stemmermann took up his position as Managing Director at Aerzen Rental Deutschland GmbH in Rinteln with responsibility for the DACH/Luxembourg region. He works closely with the Aerzen Rental headquarters in the Netherlands as well as the international Aerzen Rental organisations and Aerzen subsidiaries to offer customers the best possible solutions across countries.

Michael Stemmermann, whose qualifications include training as a technician, worked for many years in various positions in sales and in the rental of technical products. He led international sales organisations as well as teams in product management and service and was involved, for example, with the introduction of oil-free compressors in rental. Most recently, he served as Managing Director DACH for an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) equipment rental company.

AERZEN know-how

With the newly developed VRW 536M screw compressor, AERZEN can realise significantly higher differential pressures and efficiencies in hydrogen compression.

"We see another strong market ramp-up in green hydrogen as very realistic. This assessment is also consistent with the opinion of our clients, whom we support in the development of projects at various stages of planning."

Michael Leitsch, Head of Opportunity Engineering AERZEN

New AERZEN subsidiary in Saudi Arabia

AERZEN Group has established a new company based in Jubail, Saudi Arabia: Aerzen Arabia. The new entity will contribute to the expansion of Rental and Service business and offer a comprehensive product range including blowers and compressors. 

AERZEN is a market leader in the wastewater segment in the Middle East. The brand has been present in Saudi Arabia for decades and is known as a leading application specialist for the conveying and compression of gases with energy-efficient and resource-saving products and production processes. While the market had previously been served by Aerzen Gulf, based in the United Arab Emirates, the pandemic, and the restrictions associated with it, have provided an impetus to establish a physical presence in Saudi Arabia. Managing Director Craig Russell and Operations Manager Jaleel Ansari will lead the team in Jubail.

New Head of Business Unit Turbo for Latin America

AERZEN continues to expand its turbo blower business in Central and South America. This is evidenced by the creation of the new position Head of Businees Unit Turbo LATAM, which Luis Miguel Jiménez has taken over. The engineer has ten years of experience in sales at Aerzen México, having previously worked in the industrial sector for two decades. “My responsibilities include coordinating technical and commercial support and aligning our product solutions and services with customer needs and expectations in Latin America,” explains Jiménez, who will lead Turbo LATAM as a separate business unit within Aerzen México, based in Metepec in the Toluca metropolitan region.

“Over the course of this year, we will also be setting up local production at this location and this will involve several steps,” emphasises Stephan Brand, Director Turbo Business.

New AERZEN VMY screw compressors: refrigeration packages of the next generation

The requirements in the field of refrigeration technology are also continuously increasing. The new refrigeration compressors of the AERZEN VMY series with oil injection and built-in volume control especially are characterised by high energy efficiency, good controllability, and a particularly compact design, with which AERZEN meets the increased demand for space-saving, lightweight and low- maintenance packages - an ideal solution for the most demanding applications.

The latest screw compressors of VMY series are used in closed cooling circuits and are designed for intake volume flows of approximately 300 to 2,700 m3/h and pressure differences of up to 25 bar. With their integrated volume flow control (slide valve or speed control), they enable a power adjustment between 20 and 100 percent. This makes the compression of gases, hydrocarbons, ammonia, helium, and carbon dioxide particularly economical. If a so-called economizer is used, the efficiency of the cooling system can be additionally increased and the operating costs further reduced. Only environmentally friendly refrigerants with a low GWP value (Global Warming Potential), such as ammonia, propane and propylene are used. Oil injection makes the compressors insensitive to fluctuating volumes, temperatures and pressures. Integrated oil separation systems reduce the residual oil content to 1 to 5 mg/m3.