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Case studies wastewater treatment

You can learn here from various application reports and success stories about the efficiency increases that can be achieved through renewal or intelligent planning in wastewater treatment plants. We have already successfully implemented our innovative concepts such as AERaudit, control technology, Performance³ and heat recovery in many projects and plants throughout Germany. The result was enormous energy savings of up to 50,000 kilowatt hours per year. Customer orientation and finding individual solutions is our specialty. Convince yourself of our application competence by means of examples from practice.

“We purify our wastewater optimally”

With AERsmart made by AERZEN Holzkirchen wastewater treatment plant saves about 50,000 kWh every year

Holzkirchen wastewater treatment plant has a clearly formulated job: “We purify our wastewater optimally.” With its wastewater treatment plant designed for a population equivalent of 50,000, the municipal enterprise, located 40 kilometres south of Munich, not only pursues this target, but also the claim to act as resource-saving as possible. 



If modernisations in wastewater treatment plants are due, as a rule the permanently reducing limit values of ammonium, nitrate and phosphate are pushing the investment decisions. If it concerns the budget, in view of the climate protection and the finances it pays off to include the energy efficiency in the plans.

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Water supply for the city of the future

A research project with AERZEN participation had been given an award

The German-Chinese research project SEMIZENTRAL pursues the goal of improving the quality of life in megacities of the future. The project has received one of the 2015 GreenTec Awards. In the fields of water supply and water disposal, AERZEN blower technology plays a key role.

AERZEN provides energy efficient process air generation

Success Story - Wastewater treatment plant Ichenhausen/Koetz

For process air generation, the Koetz wastewater treatment plant selected an ideal solution: the compound system of AERZEN turbo compressors for base load, and AERZEN positive displacement blowers, or rotary lobe compressors, for peak load, to provide failure-free supply of the biological wastewater treatment plant at optimal cost.